Wedding Party

Jennifer Allen

Maid of Honor

Jessica and Jennifer are twins! Jessica knew from an early age that Jennifer would be her Maid of Honor. Growing up you couldn't find Jessica if you couldn't find Jennifer. They are best friends and can always find them laughing together. Even though they live in two different states, they talk everyday. Jennifer lives in San Fransico and is part of the global events team at Juniper Networks.

Alexis Huber


Jessica met Alexis during her nursing studies at Saint Louis University where they bonded over Ben Rector, popcorn, and mini bottles of champagne. You will probably find her with a glass of bubbly at the wedding! Alexis lives in St. Louis and works in the cardiac pediatric unit at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Rose Broccolo


Jessica and Rose met during their studies at Saint Louis University. They instantly became friends in a class they had together. Rose was with Jessica when she met Brian for the first time at a Saint Louis University basketball game which makes it safe to say Rose had to be apart of the special day. Rose lives in Chicago and works for North Western University.

Sandy Fox


Jessica met Sandy in Dallas during her husband and Brian's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency. After the first time Sandy and Jessica met, they instantly clicked. Jessica even thinks Sandy is the girl version of Brian. We love Sandy for her huge heart, bright personality, and her love of wine! Sandy lives in Cleveland and is a pediatric dentist.

Jennifer Ingamells


Jessica and Jennifer met at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where they both are registered nurses in the Neuroscience critical care unit. They instantly bonded over having some roots in California, and their deep obsession with Nordstrom! They both love to shop. Jennifer also is the proud owner of Russell's best friend, Jackson, a goldendoodle. Jennifer still works with Jessica at Parkland, but sadly on days now!

John Allen

Ring Bearer

Jessica's adorable and energetic nephrew. He might be small but he sure knows how to get the crowd to laugh. We are so excited to have him be part of our big day!

Ian Hackett

Best Man

Ian lived across the hall from Brian freshman year of college at Saint Louis University. Brian and Ian bonded over their mutual interests in running, cycling, and school. They lived together sophomore year and throughout all 4 years of medical school. Brian will be Ian’s best man when he marries Kenzie September 22, 2018. Ian is Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City and will be heading to the University of Chicago for Cardiology fellowship.

Mark Fox


Mark was a co-resident of Brian at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He also specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and shares Brian’s interest in Sports Medicine and currently is a fellow physician in Sports Medicine at The Cleveland Clinic (where Brian is heading this summer). Mark and his wife Sandy were good friends to Jess and Brian and could be found together frequently whether sharing dinner and drinks or sitting next to them in church at Holy Trinity.

Geoff Motz


Geoff lived across the hall from Brian freshman year at SLU as well (right next to Ian). Brian and Geoff never lived with each other but always lived close and were good friends throughout all 8 years of college and medical school. Geoff is a fellow physician in Nephrology at University of Cincinatti.

Jim Barbieri


Jim studied Aerospace Engineering at SLU and shared a number of classes with Brian. Jim and Brian were roommates junior and senior year of college. Jim could be found with Brian nearly every Wednesday celebrating a SLU tradition – Penny Pitchers at Humphreys. Jim currently works for Boeing in St. Louis.

Maximus Schwanebeck


Max lived right next to Brian freshman year of college and with Jim was Brian’s roommate Junior and Senior year. Max studied Aerospace engineering as well and was president of their chapter of the Engineering Honor Society. He currently lives in San Diego and works for Northrop Grumman.

Mike Kelly


Mike is Brian's older brother. While he is musically talented and has played guitar for several bands he will have the night off for the wedding! He lives in Madison, WI and works as a researcher for the University of Wisconsin.

Nick Dobrinska


Nick went to high school with Brian and lived nearby. Nick's bumping dance moves have gotten Brian and the group kicked off the dance floor at Kelly's Bleachers. Look out!

Chris Krausert


Chris went to high school with Brian and took Brian's spot atop class rankings sophomore year and maintained it all the way to graduate class Valedictorian. Chris, like the rest of the ushers, is a skilled dancer.

Ben Wiesner


Ben shared co-captain position with Brian for their high school track and cross country teams. For cross country races they frequently finished side by side; for track races Ben was a little faster.
Susan Moyal